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Meggan Ciaccia

Meggan began her career with a degree in Sociology. While working towards her Master’s in social work at Rowan University, Meggan realized her passion fell within helping small business owners determine their aspirations and expand their business. Growing up, Meggan’s father started, operated, and grew his own accounting firm, Montecino CPA. Subconsciously, his love for his career transferred to Meggan, who decided halfway through her masters to also venture down the accounting path. 
Even though Meggan never imagined she’d join the family business, they worked side-by-side for eighteen years, eight of those years as partners. Once her father retired in June 2021, Meggan took over his accounting firm, now known as Ciaccia CPA, finding joy in working with people of all paths. 

As a business owner, there are so many different aspects to juggle; sometimes important matters get pushed to the side. Using the One Page Business plan is what keeps Meggan on track as the sole owner of her firm, a plan she was introduced to through the National Association of Women Business Owner’s (NAWBO). In 2019-2021, Meggan spent two years as President of the South Jersey chapter. It was through NAWBO that she was also connected to Megan Patton and Michele Schina. Beyond Strategy Partners came to fruition in January 2021, founded to help other business owners grow, sustain, and level-up their business while offering the tools and coaching necessary to form its future.


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