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Megan Patton

Megan Patton’s professional journey began with the Peace Corps, teaching English to adults and children, in Nepal for four years. When she returned to the United States, Megan pursued a Master of Business Administration at Case Western Reserve University to fulfill her passion of helping individuals find value in what they do through consulting.  Early in her consulting career, Megan had the opportunity to live overseas again through a one-year consulting assignment in Moscow, fulfilling her constant desire to work internationally. Megan’s career has seen many different faces, from working in a start-up media company to a small boutique consulting firm, to a large multi-national organization, to her father’s small family-owned firm, and finally to her own strategy consulting practice. 

Megan’s focus in her consulting centers around the inclusion of all employees in alignment with company strategy. Addicted to helping each person find their value and purpose in the larger picture, she continually utilizes tools to plan, track, and re-focus company strategies. Megan believes that every person has a voice, and that those voices contribute to the whole. This attitude was developed from her earliest days as the child of a government official living in South Korea. Through those years, and for most of her upbringing, people were always visiting her family home. She met people from all walks of life and from many different countries. This sparked Megan’s curiosity about people. A couple of fabulous life lessons learned from her father are to embrace differences, focus on learning something about each person, and to use her privilege to make a difference, whether that be small or large.

Megan strongly believes in giving back to each organization with which she is involved. This has led to numerous board positions over the years with non-profits and community organizations. Currently Megan serves on the Board of the National Organization of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) as a Director, after being President of the NAWBO Cleveland chapter in 2015-2016.

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